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Skip it to give it is a 2-week project to help fund relief efforts in Haiti following hurricane Matthew and the subsequent disasters.

My name is Mark Presson, I am CEO of Star of Hope. Let me tell you a bit about "Skip it to Give it". This campaign is very simple; the name says it all!  Imagine thinking about others before buying a gourmet coffee, or an extra donut, and taking those few dollars and giving them to help the needy in Haiti? Yes!

There's more! "Skip it to Give it" also promotes sacrificial giving and prayer that will strengthen the church body. Here is a video from Pastor Jonathan that explains this much better than me!

Skip it to give it!
Skip - Give - Change Lives

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Greetings from Star of Hope!

We bring Hope to light and blow darkness away together with Bible believing people who take you.

The "Skip it to Give it" project is quite simple...

  • It takes place over any 2-week period. 
  • People are encouraged to give up a daily item for 2 weeks and instead put the money they saved into the provided envelope.
  • People are encouraged to increase prayer for the people of Haiti for the 2 weeks.
  • Envelopes are collected and returned to Star of Hope.
  • You then receive updates from Star of Hope about how your money was used to help the children in Haiti.

This project turns the hearts of people toward prayer and self-sacrifice. It is also very easy to implement. Our information packet will provide you with all the tools you need to present "Skip it to Give it" to your church or an organization like the NHS at your local high school, your business office, Boy/Girl Scouts, 4-H, community service groups, or motorcycle club.

Rebuilding is ongoing since Hurricane Matthew and other disasters that have followed. The misery is well out of the news cycle yet we needed a way to keep the chatter alive and give your church or group an easy way to help.  Who knows, perhaps "Skip it to Give it" will become a yearly tradition for you.

So what can you skip?

How skip it to give it works:

Example Church Handout


Star of Hope Food

The need in Haiti

The people of Haiti need the word of Christ and physical help but are often overlooked as a country in dire need.

Through Star of Hope, your sacrificial giving can provide them with many necessary items like;

  • clean water
  • building supplies
  • cooking supplies
  • buckets for hauling water and washing
  • medicines
  • paper, pencils, uniforms, and school books
  • games and sport equipment for the children
  • goats, chickens, cows, and donkeys
  • hand tools and seeds for planting

Together we can make a difference. together we can skip that gourmet coffee, or extra donut, and take those few dollars and give them to help the needy in Haiti.

Which group can YOU ask to "Skip it to Give it"?

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Skip - Give - Change Lives

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